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Mario in Sonic 1 (Somari)

Mario in Sonic 1 (Somari)

Somari is a pirate version of Sega's flagship video game Sonic the Hedgehog produced for the Famicom by Hummer Team in 1994. It was sold primarily around Hong Kong. The game is notable in the fact that it contains a vaguely accurate simulation of Sonic the Hedgehog, a 16-bit game produced for the Sega Genesis, on an 8-bit cartridge - something thought impossible by many video game experts at the time. The game features a character named "Somari" - Nintendo mascot Mario wearing Miles "Tails" Prower's trademark shoes, as well as possessing Sonic the Hedgehog's abilities.

Video game enthusiasts have suggested the possibility of reverse engineering or the possession of Sonic the Hedgehog's source code in explaining Somari's creation. It is also estimated that the game devolopment started in late 1993 and came out in early 1994, as Somari has abilities only available in the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2, such as the Spin Dash, opening possibility that it contains coding information from that game as well. However, these concepts are merely speculative, as it is unknown exactly how, when, or where this game was created.

As with many independently produced pirated games, the coding is flawed. Somari's physics can make completing the game more of a challenge, certain areas have numerous glitches, and access to certain levels requires the use of special computer programs. There is no ending sequence of Somari running through a previous level, instead there is a single screen showing Robotnik juggling the Chaos Emeralds with some text on the screen claiming Robotnik will return.

Being a pirate game, it was probably released in fairly limited numbers, and only in Asian countries. The game has become more well known recently through the phenomenon of console emulation.

    Control Set:

  • Up Down Left Right use Arrow Keys
  • X button use A
  • Y button use S
  • A button use Z
  • B button use X


  • C button use C
  • Z button use D
  • Start button use Enter
  • Mode button use Space bar

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